Beyond the mobility


ESAMSA products are designed for a variety of people who want to have an enjoyable and comfortable riding experience.

Cargo ( ESAMSA-C )

It is a perfect solution for urban delivery, quick shopping run or even a small move.

Kids Cargo ( ESAMSA-KC )

Unique designed frame with a front bumper and front kids cargo made from birch

Tandem ( ESAMSA-T )

Experience further and faster travel on ESAMSA TANDEM with your beloved ones!

Tandem Special ( ESAMSA-TS )

ESAMSA TANDEM SPECIAL has a special birth story.


ESAMSA will participate at the ‘International Cargo Bike Festival’ in the Netherlands.

11-13 June
This year, the meeting place for cargo bike users, manufacturers and policy makers will gather together at the International Cargo Bike Festival in Nijmegen.

ESAMSA will be roaming around in the streets of Norway!

30 May, 2017
Our innovative electric cargo trikes with a great maneuverability will be available in Norwegian market soon!

SKYWAY, the tadpole electric trikes, entered into an Exclusive Sales Contract with PEDEGO, USA.

10 Jan, 2017
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ESAMSA signed an agreement to supply 100 electric trikes to Dyson Bikes, Australia.

10 April, 2017
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[Smart Mobility] Smart Mobility and Electric Bicycles

3 April, 2017
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[Brand Story] Modular Happy Trike, Skyway

29 Dec, 2016
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We develop good-quality, reliable and cost effective cargo bikes that fit into your life.


E 2 begin with TWO wheeled electric bicycle
SAM 3 developed into THREE wheeled ESAMSA electric trike business.
SA 4 expanding into FOUR wheeled electric mobility business.

ESAMSA is the first electric tadpole modular trike in Korea. It was created by the CTO of Esamsa corp., Kihoon Chang. He is one of the first developers of the electric bicycle in Korea.

After 3 years of research and development, he introduced ESAMSA to the world in Yr.2016.
From his first plans, he designed to have various modules on one base frame.

Also, in order to optimize the motor and the battery, Esamsa & the parts manufacturers signed the MOU to develop the components together, and the first generation of ESAMSA was produced.
Currently, our team is working on developing the second generation of ESAMSA, expecting more advanced functions and features, and the results will be released soon.

Especially KIDS CARGO and CARGO will not only be the electric trikes but they will be the 'future urban type mobility' and 'logistical mobility'.

'Beyond the mobility' is the motto of Esamsa corp. To reach our vision, we are working with determination and enthusiasm on research and development for future generation of ESAMSA.


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